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Create efficiencies in storytelling. Get people thinking differently. Improve results. 


We've all heard what to do; now learn how to do it. Consistently and reliably.


Intense and practical workshop advances employee development.

  • In-person or online; great incentive for RTO

  • Learn useful branded story creation tools

  • Discover the secrets to make consistent, repeatable stories and content

  • Acquire broader range of skills

  • Enhance deep expertise


In-depth break-down of content story.

Analysis of the elements that contribute

to a successful piece of content.

Story Analyst and Writing Consultant

  • Review existing story and provide feedback

  • Help discover and develop the story

  • Ensure story meets best practices criteria

  • Conduct in-depth research

  • Write the outline and script

Production and Post-Production Story Consultant

  • Provide on-set story direction while in production of a film/video

  • Review films and videos in post-production

  • Provide constructive feedback and suggestions


Award-winning Film Producer and Director

  • Provide script to final delivery expertise

  • On-set or remote direction

  • Adept in large scale to small, fast turn projects

  • Experience with C-Level execs, celebrities and rank & file employees

  • Best in class work with above industry average engagement

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