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Understood launches program during worst time possible

The pandemic changed the way many work. Especially those in the creative industry. Understood is a non-profit dedicated to guiding and helping the 1 in 5 people with learning and thinking differences.

The organization was in the middle of a rebrand and launching many new initiatives when Covid changed the way not only people work, but the way their children learn. Understood’s Executive Creative Director, Scott Cocchiere, leads the creative and production teams. In the middle of what he calls the worst moment

in the history of time, he decided to go ahead and launch a program called “The Quarantine Chronicles.”

The Quarantine Chronicles provided a personal look into the lives of families during lockdown. Sharing real stories and helpful advice from families in quarantine. Getting the Chronicles done required Scott and his team to trailblaze new ways of working and hope for the best.

Listen to the podcast here


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